Some Notes Worth Keeping

February 1, 2011

Joe Morgan: On Growth

General Notes
  • Alignment
  • Someone has to have your back (because people won't like you)
Requirements for Transformation
  • Framework (consistent structure)
  • Plan (path, steps, operationalized)
  • Vision (focused)
  • Measurement (like balanced scorecard, financial and non-financial - needs to be predictive - new logos, renewals, etc.)
  • Passion (balls of your feet, vs. defensive position or flat footed)
  • Energy
What should you bring to a C-level meeting:
If you pea in your soup, it's bloody hard to get it out!

A few bad apples spoils the lot.

Focus on your culture up front, at hiring.

What is your Harvard stadium???

Identify what makes great associates and hire for it. Test it before you hire them. The test needs to be something that creates camaraderie.

There is a key to Everybody's heart. Find that key for each of your customers.

"It's all about effort"

Stop thinking about the money and think about the people. Put out a great service / product.
Being weird is not enough. You also have to be useful.

If you inspire people to go beyond their limits, they will move mountains

Good enough isn't good enough. Think training for the Olympics.

4 phase in a healthy culture
 1 define the culture the way you want it to be. Values, behaviors and attributes. (make sure you define values - eg. Respect)
 2 declaring and communicating "this is the way it is going to be". The best way is face to face. How does the company/ET live and not live these values. Cascading communication.
People who make the decisions are the ones who "show up". Woody Hays.

3 success factors
 1 Start
 2 Know where you are going
 3 Don't stop

Businesses grow 1 by 1 by 1

If at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished!  

When people are faced with a mortality ( a deep understanding that life is short ) they end up with a different perspective on life.

When people have hope for the future, they have power in the present.

Dream it, believe it, work it. If any are out of alignment, you will fail.
HR dept approaches people twice a year asking them what they want to do and how far they want to take their careers.

Promotions should be obvious and they should have been doing the job long before the title.


Loyalty lies with the team. The people you work with keeps you there.

People leave for more opportunity. Make sure they see it and have it internally.

Institute the "Pluck and Place".
Fewer than 1/3 employees are fully engaged.

Technology enables people
Process enables people

Circle of Growth
 Employee Loyalty
 Customer Loyalty
 Profitable Business

 Core purpose


Keys to Recruiting
 Fit vs Skill
 "Congratulations" your now a manager

Know the personal vision of the people on your team

8 Cs
Sustaining a brand is dependent upon change.

Value comes in how you address your customers unmet needs.

Plato: necessity is the mother of invention.

What is your favorite show: "the next one"

If your first motivation is to make money you probably won't. It should be to create something greater than you.

Listen to and learn from your customers and you will rarely go wrong.

Do what you love and love what you do.   

People make a decision to be a performer because they like to perform.
Managing: Individualization
If you are good at getting people to work harder for you than anyone else, you are good at managing.

Good Managing: Find out what is unique about someone and capitalize on it.

The best companies (managers) get their strengths together and neutralize their weaknesses.

Managers only have time to invest.

If you want to learn about success, study success rather than failure.  Don't become an expert in failure and think you understand success.


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