A Collection of Things That Make Me Laugh

Every spring my family goes down to Florida to test our racing boats for the upcoming season. (I work for fun and race for a living!) The crew that goes spans three generations of the Hearn family. Since we spend a week testing and tweeking and testing some more, so we always reward the kids with a daytrip (or two) to Disney World.

March 4, 2014

JetSurf Kauai HI 2014

I had one of my favorite trips to Hawaii this year.  If you have never dowloaded and browsed the App "Uncrate" you should.  It is a curated site for all the coolest shtuff either out, or coming out soon.  Well, I found this little toy a few months ago: JetSurf.  I watched the videos every day for about 3 weeks and finally decided to buy one.  Well, you can't buy one in the United States (yet).  So, I worked out a deal where they would ship me one from the Czech Republic and get this, t

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