Some Notes Worth Keeping

Throughout the years, I have pushed back against celebrating any milestone in my life.  I felt that by celebrating, I would limit myself and be satisfied with today’s achievement instead of looking to tomorrow’s horizon.  Turns out, economics backs up my hunch!

Rainy Day NYC

I’m a regular Skype user and usually make a habit of ignoring Skype’s advertisements for upgrades to premium or international calling rates at the bottom of the contacts window. Today’s ad was different. It was for a collaboration with Victoria Beckham. Wait. What? Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl married to David Beckham? I was intrigued enough (and confused enough) to click on it.

October 17, 2010

Patterson Lineage

Robert Patterson, son of capt Robert and Mary T Patterson who was son of Jefferson and Juliana Patterson who was son of Col Robert Patterson
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