Some Notes Worth Keeping

I don't know why, but I have always challenged status quo. Many call it breaking the rules, but I don't see it that way. I mean, don't get me wrong. Rules and status quo have their place. Many people put their mind on cruise control and want to just know "how to do it". I'm really not mocking them (as much as it may seem). I mean, if everybody broke the rules and challenged status quo we would have anarchy, chaos and even backwards progression.

Will Smith Pursuit Happiness

Yes, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt. Dreams enable us to imagine what could be possible without any limitations or expectations of reality. We are uninhibited in letting our minds run away with creativity, grand aspirations and worldly impact. As children, we dream the biggest. We've all dreamed of being the President or the first person on Mars or winning the Indianapolis 500 or something along those lines.


Recently, we took our kids Grant and Lauren to Guatemala. We funded the building of a school with PoP and were going to see the project. They would see real poverty up close for the first time and we wanted it to be a meaningful experience for them. It was also near the week that my new McLaren sports car came in. The contradiction was not lost on me and set-off a flurry of internal reflection.

Grant and Lauren Guatemala

Throughout the years, I have pushed back against celebrating any milestone in my life.  I felt that by celebrating, I would limit myself and be satisfied with today’s achievement instead of looking to tomorrow’s horizon.  Turns out, economics backs up my hunch!

Rainy Day NYC

 Every morning when I wake up, I get out of bed, scratch my chest, go to the bathroom, turn on the lights, turn on the shower, brush my teeth, shave, shower, dry off, dry my hair, put on deoderant, and get dressed. Always in that exact order.  While it might seem like a boring anecdote of my impending old age, it actually has a big impact on my day.

Thanksgiving is about more than being grateful for the things you have. The pilgrims were not just thankful for the food, but that the fruits of their labors were not in vain and resulted in a successful harvest. The underlying theme is that effort = production.

But we know that all effort does not result in the same amount of production. If it did, there would be no surprises and nothing to celebrate. The outcome would be expected. Calculated luck is involved, where preparedness meets opportunity.

I am inspired by stories about how great people and companies got their starts. They are always less glamorous than people imagine. They usually involve hardships, failures and often ridicule. It’s the journey of how they overcame everything to succeed. That’s the story I love. And inevitably it involves a handful of qualities like passion, determination and a little bit of arrogance. (My journey with Crown was similar. arrogance and failures included!)

It was announced today that the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 ended its journey in a remote area of the Indian Ocean, nowhere near a potential landing spot. While we all suspected and braced for a tragic end, the definitive update brings a final reality to the slightest hope. I can’t help but feel deeply saddened for of those who were onboard and their families left behind.

March 11, 2014

What is YOUR Verse?!?

I have worked hard over the last 12 years building Crown with the ultimate goal of creating a successful business to help brands grow their eBusiness. But on a more personal note, I deeply enjoy mentoring talented people and helping them grow into their potential. I have interviewed and hired over a thousand people. I aspire to inspire all of them to make their mark at Crown and beyond, to the absolute best of their potential.

Apple What's Your Verse Video


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