Some Notes Worth Keeping

Social media Is:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Flicker
  • YouTube
  • WikiPedia
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
Online conversations that generate offline actions. It is word of mouth marketing online.

  1. customers trust each other they know 1st (social media)
  2. customers trust other customer opinions 2nd (google search)
  3. customers trust brand websites last (for validation)
Branded social media sites are the current wave.

1 Creativity can solve anything
2 Limits create limited creativity (clock Vs wristwatch - don't make the problem too big)
3 there are no bad creatives in any company in the world (only bad environments)

Give every idea a chance to live (like a fine wine). The glue for Post it notes was initially a huge failure.

180 degree exercise: start by coming up with the worst idea first, then turn it into the best. - dolls for boys: action figures
You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than during a lifetime of conversation.  Plato

The Yes deck (Send Artie an email)

"Life is just one big improvisation"

Everybody is into improv. We couldn't Cross the street wout it.

1 rule of improv:  play along. Say "yes"

We are so gifted at saying "No".   Try "why" instead.

Try a conversation without:
  •   No
  •   Not
  •   n't
  •   However
  •   But
  •   Never

Play the "connection" game
Consumers derive a lot of satisfaction in sharing pain with others.

Predictable talk drivers keep coming up. (figure them out for your business).

Also, if you make it easy, customers will share the love.

Dosbebes.com. Blog.

Digital Stampede, Mass Socialization

1 Think Agility. Sense and respond
2 Twitter propels friction free feedback
3 Rise of third moment of truth (what we express)
4 New marketing: Invitation, Interface and Interaction

Social Media is a loyalty play on steroids.

Advertising lies. Proof:  Look at pictures of Arbys and whopper burgers vs the real thing.

20-50% of purchases are influenced by word of mouth

3100 is average life expectancy of small business.

Word of mouth marketing. E^3
1 Experience (give them one)
  Red, Yeller, white (ketchup, mustard, mayo). One way mirror in restaurant. Mighty Fine ( Austin TX). Deliver remarkable experiences.
2 Explanation:  fanatical support promise.
3 Entertaining

Miles Davis (Jazz musician)


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