Some Notes Worth Keeping

May 18, 2012

Luck Compaines

Luck Companies: Mark Fernandes Guy. Meaning video Mark. Chief leadership officer:     

Values based leadership inside company and outside the world Laminated 8x11 front back To an end.
Positively impacting lives

First 6 slides of every deck is the ideology.

Aware, understand, accept, apply, integrate, practice, performance.

What is a brand, why does it exist, what does it mean to the company -- awareness.

Rewriting history. Pictures w quotes.
Cameron hits the nail on the head.  Maybe growing up devising ways to win at poker (taking lots of money from my friends), selling fake IDs for school money, starting a business to sell synthetic golf greens, starting a business to sell laptops to consulting companies, starting a business to sell computers to kids (moonlighting) were all stepping stones to preparing me for Crown.
Patagonia - Kevin Churchill (The art and science of merchandising)

Patagonia Stats:
    •    $400m total.  Wholesaler & Retailer & eRetailer
    •    $85m eRetail

    •    Merchants & Merchandisers are stewards of the Brand
    •    Online Merchandising is a business person with an online lens
    •    You can certainly make the merchant smarter with data, but seasoned veterans often abandon data in deference to their gut.
    •    55% art, 45% science (from poll)
    •    Must maintain the emotional connection to customers
The Future of eCommerce Technology - Gartner (Gene Alvarez)

    •    By 2015, 50% of web sales will be via social presence and mobile apps
    •    By 2014, 60% of eCommerce will address social and mobile
    •    Social media proliferation is being influences by mobile devices
    •    The number of mobile devices has now surpassed the number of toothbrushes

Top eCom Concerns:
    •    How do I get it right?
    •    How do I make money in mobile commerce?
    •    How do I make money with social commerce?
Scott Wingo: ChannelAdvisors: How Does Amazon Do It?

Amazon's Flywheel: Growth, surrounded by selection and traffic, driven by lower costs through buying power, driving better customer experience.

Historically, Amazon is a price follower.  Only matching a lower price if they are undercut, and they believe they can make money at it.

    •    Traffic has doubled from 60m to 130m buyers between 2006 and 2010.
    •    Selection has quadrupled from $3b to $12b in selection of products
2011 Internet Retailer Conference: Keynote - Wednesday



  • Web only eTailers are taking market share.  Up 31% QoQ
  • Consolidation:  Walgreens & Drugstore.com, Nordstrom & Haute, Amazon & Diapers.com/Soap.com, US Autoparts & JC Whitney
  • >50% of every demographic age group shops online each month
  • We sell Digital Transformation (or Advantage) and we Satisfy Customers
  • Where will your shoes be (will they be on the Mat?) - Wrestling analogy.
  • Great leaders create leaders, not followers.
  • 5 | 10 | 5.  The bottom 5 are there because of attitude or aptitude.  They also neutralize the top 5.  
  • Everybody wants to be a part of something special.  
  • Winners do things they don't like to do.  Average people follow their likes and preferences.
  • Winners aren't afraid to fail and play to win, even if they might lose.  Average people play not to lose


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