2011 Internet Retailer Conference: Keynote - Christopher Payne - eBay


Some Notes Worth Keeping

2011 Internet Retailer Conference: Keynote - Wednesday



  • Web only eTailers are taking market share.  Up 31% QoQ
  • Consolidation:  Walgreens & Drugstore.com, Nordstrom & Haute, Amazon & Diapers.com/Soap.com, US Autoparts & JC Whitney
  • >50% of every demographic age group shops online each month
  • 250 of top 500 have mobile commerce sites (double 12 months ago)
  • Free shipping is alive and well.  All the time, LL Bean, Newegg, eBay

Christopher Payne - eBay

  • How people shop: Mobile, Social, Local
  • $62b in sales in 2010.  60% came from "buy it now"
  • Every 1.6minutes a car is sold on eBay
  • Every 3 seconds sell a pair of shoes
  • 25m people selling, 200m items for sale at one time
  • eBay goal: Connect buyers and sellers, (not sell online)
  • Commerce 3.0 puts the customer and their behavior at the center
  • "Merchants need a partner, not a competitor…" (direct shot at Amazon


  • 2008 first eBay mobile app.  45m downloads of eBay mobile app.  2010: $2b in sales on mobile.  Fastest growing part of business.  2011: $4b in mobile commerce.
  • Expectations from buyers is that they can do anything on mobile they can do online. 
  • Some people start transaction on mobile and complete on web and vice versa.  Need to be able to pick up any time / any where.
  • Consumers are taking the "E" out of eCommerce..  It is becoming "Cross Channel Commerce" where offline works with e with m with s commerce.
  • Mobile is where the offline and online commerce intersects


  • Sharing should be part of the buying experience regardless of channel
  • Group gift: pool money from a group to buy a gift.  New on eBay
  • Product comparisons from eBay on Facebook


  • Bringing offline inventory online (access to local inventory)
  • 2.3b searches in Q4 2010 to find products on/offline
  • Technologies acquired: Red Laser (scan bar codes), Milo (offline inventory, online), Where.com (local media company), Fetch (QB integration for inventory online)