Google Commerce and Payments (


Some Notes Worth Keeping

Google Commerce and Payments
Stephanie Tilenius VP Google

General Notes
-       Online is still only 7% of total Retail (2011).
-       $14 Trillion spent on local services each year ($1 Trillion in US)
-       Average consumer is never more than 3 feet from their mobile phone
-       Average consumer checks their smart phone >40 times / day
-       Angry Birds is played 125 Years EVERY DAY (and is $1.5 B in productivity waste / day)

Lines between online and offline are going to blur FAST

Recommendations on How to Take Advantage of it
-       Web connected, location aware commerce
o   Location Aware Technology
§  Where do I buy a product or service (physical and digital)
§  i.e Open Table, Google Shopper
o   Great Experience
§  Mobify your website – needs to be a great experience designed for the device (web vs. Mobile vs. Tablet)
§  I.e. Gilt iPad  Site= 25% of all mobile sales
§  See Google catalogs for iPad (way cool)
o   Curation & Personalization
§  Content drives the purchase of the item
§  I. e. Rue La La, One Kings Lane
o   Deal Mechanics
§  Be different than just a daily deal
o   Mobile Payment
§  One click checkout
§  NFC tags & self checkout
o   New in store experience (online 2 offline O2O)
§  NFC, QR codes (taking too long – moving to NFC)
§  Targeted personalized Apps
§  i.e Whole Foods with store map, coupons, personalized offers, recipes related to me.
§  Gone are the days of overwhelming consumers with information.  Data needs to be personalized
o   Social Commerce
§  Combined the social experience with the buying experience
§  I.e. ticketmaster seat map integrated with Facebook friends

-       >50% of mobile phone owners use their device to shop online or assist.

Case Study
-       Tesco: Combined QR codes, smart phone purchase and distribution (order and distribute directly to home)
-       Nordstrom: combined QR codes to identify you as you walk into store