The Future of eCommerce Technology - Gartner


Some Notes Worth Keeping

The Future of eCommerce Technology - Gartner (Gene Alvarez)

    •    By 2015, 50% of web sales will be via social presence and mobile apps
    •    By 2014, 60% of eCommerce will address social and mobile
    •    Social media proliferation is being influences by mobile devices
    •    The number of mobile devices has now surpassed the number of toothbrushes

Top eCom Concerns:
    •    How do I get it right?
    •    How do I make money in mobile commerce?
    •    How do I make money with social commerce?
    •    How do I go global?
    •    How do I improve our customer experience?

Rev Stats:
    •    Top 500 eTailers account for 93.7%
    •    Top 100 account for 81% ($160b)
    •    Top 25 >$1b
    •    Top 100>$150m
    •    Top 500>$10m

IT Spend Stats:
    •    IT spend as % of revenue: 1% to 19% (lower end are the brick and mortars and just keeping the lights on)
    •    Higher end are transforming their business.  new markets, ground breaking customer experience

Styles of eCommerce Businesses
    •    Run the business (1% - 5%)
    •    Grow the business (5% - 10%)
    •    Transform the business (10% - 20%)

Outsource the entire eComm business?
    •    Best: $10m to $150m in revenue.