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Some Notes Worth Keeping

May 18, 2012

Luck Compaines

Luck Companies: Mark Fernandes Guy. Meaning video Mark. Chief leadership officer:     

Values based leadership inside company and outside the world Laminated 8x11 front back To an end.
Positively impacting lives

First 6 slides of every deck is the ideology.

Aware, understand, accept, apply, integrate, practice, performance.

What is a brand, why does it exist, what does it mean to the company -- awareness.

Rewriting history. Pictures w quotes.

Where is the conversation happening? Start there. Then bring them back.

Allow what is true to be true and not wishing otherwise.

 The cycle of depression, focus on people, come back, focus on money, bust. Repeat.

 Gen Y. Make a difference and rewrite history.

 Leadership is a choice.

Definiteness of purpose, definiteness of plan, hypnotic rhythm.

Define Values, then find people that match. Not vice versa.

Values are different than universal principles (honesty, fairness, etc). Purpose, wants and goals.

We believe... Purpose, Values, Business Proposition.

This is the difference we want to make in the world, here are our values.

These are what our leaders looks like.... Are you willing to compensate on leadership rather than revenue?

 Moral intelligence. Book. Lenneck, Kiel.
 Bill George: authentic Leadership. Book.

 Mission, values, leadership POV, ignited and engaged associates, service excellence and innovation, customer loyalty, increased profit and revenue, capital for reinvestment     

Doing good to do well  Sir ken: Ted video Human potential.

What is your story?  Revisit and digest.

 Igniting human potential. Luck companies