Social Retailing


Some Notes Worth Keeping

September 14, 2011

Social Retailing

Social Retailing
Best Practices for Retailers to drive sales and integrate social media into your overall digital strategy

eCommerce: Convenience, Price, Selection

sCommerce: Social and interest graphs drive buying decisions

Movement to a People based world. (vs. a product based world)
-       People want to feel belonged and accepted

Only 3% of people have EVER bought something on Facebook

-       90% of all sales are subject to social influence
-       50% of Baby & Me’s online sales come from Facebook
-       F&F generated $2m in sales from facebook vouchers

Rue La La: Colin Hynes (Flash Sale Sites)
-       Why are they shopping
-       What do we want them to feel
-       What experiences are we going to provide

Concepts at Rue La La
-       Urgency:  Make sure you are constantly on responding
-       Virality: Exclusivity, Sharing, Funny
-       Authority
-       Authenticity

Ticketmaster: Kip Levin
-       Social:
o   About making the customer experience better  (Planning, attending, post)
o   About awareness of events (Social is the connector between events and people)
-       Started with:
o   Bookmark and share this: not a lot of benefit
o   Then, launched facebook buttons (Like) = 3x the action
o   Moved from share this to recommend = 3x the engagement
o   Then, created RSVP (Customer integreation) on confirmation page – integration into facebook page = $5/recommend
o   Moved homepage from 100% merchandising to “recommended for you”.
o   Moving to social merchandising (RSVP  feeds from friends to recommended events)
o   Just launched: facebook friends integration into seat map