Some Notes Worth Keeping

May 18, 2012

Luck Compaines

Luck Companies: Mark Fernandes Guy. Meaning video Mark. Chief leadership officer:     

Values based leadership inside company and outside the world Laminated 8x11 front back To an end.
Positively impacting lives

First 6 slides of every deck is the ideology.

Aware, understand, accept, apply, integrate, practice, performance.

What is a brand, why does it exist, what does it mean to the company -- awareness.

Rewriting history. Pictures w quotes.
Cameron hits the nail on the head.  Maybe growing up devising ways to win at poker (taking lots of money from my friends), selling fake IDs for school money, starting a business to sell synthetic golf greens, starting a business to sell laptops to consulting companies, starting a business to sell computers to kids (moonlighting) were all stepping stones to preparing me for Crown.


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