Some Notes Worth Keeping

 Every morning when I wake up, I get out of bed, scratch my chest, go to the bathroom, turn on the lights, turn on the shower, brush my teeth, shave, shower, dry off, dry my hair, put on deoderant, and get dressed. Always in that exact order.  While it might seem like a boring anecdote of my impending old age, it actually has a big impact on my day.

Thanksgiving is about more than being grateful for the things you have. The pilgrims were not just thankful for the food, but that the fruits of their labors were not in vain and resulted in a successful harvest. The underlying theme is that effort = production.

But we know that all effort does not result in the same amount of production. If it did, there would be no surprises and nothing to celebrate. The outcome would be expected. Calculated luck is involved, where preparedness meets opportunity.

I am inspired by stories about how great people and companies got their starts. They are always less glamorous than people imagine. They usually involve hardships, failures and often ridicule. It’s the journey of how they overcame everything to succeed. That’s the story I love. And inevitably it involves a handful of qualities like passion, determination and a little bit of arrogance. (My journey with Crown was similar. arrogance and failures included!)


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