My last "Crown" post?!?!


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November 15, 2014

My last "Crown" post?!?!

Over the course of the last 6 months I sold Crown to Razorfish and have focused 100% on ensuring it's success into the future with the new mothership.  As a result I've neglected this blog and have had several encouraging comments to keep it up (with my last post being about our team singing "Don't Stop Believin" on stage nearly 6 months ago).  So much has happened since then and I just didn't know what to say... until now.

Through a long time connection from a friend that owns a small eatery in Dayton OH (Flavors) where I used to frequent many times for lunch while building Crown, I saw a post on Facebook today (thank you Rich LoRusso).  This post was titled "What Jim Carrey Explains in 1 Minute will Change your Life Forever.  Seriously".  I'm not sure what caught my eye (I love Jim Carrey -- but have some level of distaste for these teasers), so I watched it.  It starts out 10 minutes into Jim's 25 minute speach and as suspected, it wasn't earth shattering.  But, it was intriguing enough to start from the beginninng on a Saturday morning -- so I watched it (video below).  And it impacted me.

I've always wondered why I even have a blog, why I share my thoughts with the world.  It originally started as a way to just document the things I read, watched and learned through life.  It transformed into somewhat of a public brand for me and has ended up as a leave behind for my kids and hopefully their kids as a way for them to learn from and understand my path, journey, learnings and failures of life.  After watching Jim's speach, I knew it was something I wanted to capture as a learning moment in time for you, for them.  

I considered titling this post "what is your purpose?" or even "let your armor go as your need for acceptane can make you invisible to the world".  And, as I thought about it more, I came back around to Crown and the almost 15 years of its existence.  An existence that was born from a desire to be my own person, to do what I wanted because I thought it was the right thing to do, to help change lives and make a difference for the colleagues of Crown, and ultimately to move mountains for our customers -- those who were making a difference in the world.

Through these 15 years Crown has become a phenomonal success and will continue to help Razorfish become a phenomonal success.  And, at the same time it has helped me and many others who have supported Crown's journey realize that the true meaning of Crown, something I've believed deep down to the core, was summed up by Jim towards the end of his speech when he said: "as far as I can tell, it's just about letting the universe know what you want and working towards it, while letting go of how it will come to pass".  

So, here we are.  The end of my Crown blog.  If you are still reading and looking for something out of this, take heart in one of Jim's other comments...  "Relax, and dream up a good life".  

- RH