Kyle Priest Joins Crown: 10/7/2010


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 Please join me in welcoming Kyle Priest to the Crown family.  Kyle joined Crown because he believes in our Digital Marketing Technology vision and our strategy to execute on that vision.  Kyle, through his company The Priest Group, brings with him several active Clients and a plethora of relationships that we hope to build upon in short order.

We were first exposed to Kyle during the initial McFarland RED session.  He was specifically brought in due to his extensive experience in the Marketing / Digital Marketing arena.  During the first RED session we established a direction that included providing services to the mid-market leveraging our expertise in EMM platforms.   During the RED 90 day reset session the team affirmed our strategy around technology enabled sales and marketing as a more refined version of the Crown EMM definition.

Based on that direction,  we decided to expand our organizational capabilities to enable us to execute on the strategy and believe Kyle has the background and experience to provide the expertise we need to win in this market.  Kyle has most recently served as a contract CMO for several mid-market companies.  Here is Kyle’s LinkedIn profile:  Kyle is very versed both as a Marketing Executive, as well as with Digital Marketing concepts.  As an example, he helped take Radio Shack online in the 2000 timeframe.  Additionally, Kyle has hailed several positions with prestigious agencies and will be an invaluable asset to our firm and the realization of our vision.

We will be scheduling an all company announcement on Wednesday afternoon this week so we can introduce Kyle in person, and discuss some organizational changes as a result.  Please look for the invite.  In the meantime, feel free to check out The Priest Group’s website for more details:

Mark and Richard