JetSurf Kauai HI 2014


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March 4, 2014

JetSurf Kauai HI 2014

I had one of my favorite trips to Hawaii this year.  If you have never dowloaded and browsed the App "Uncrate" you should.  It is a curated site for all the coolest shtuff either out, or coming out soon.  Well, I found this little toy a few months ago: JetSurf.  I watched the videos every day for about 3 weeks and finally decided to buy one.  Well, you can't buy one in the United States (yet).  So, I worked out a deal where they would ship me one from the Czech Republic and get this, they would also send someone over to show me how to ride it. 

Small problem.  I live in Ohio and the lakes have been frozen over for months (and seemingly will be for a few more)!  So, my son had a crazy idea...  "Dad, why don't you have them ship it to Hawaii while we are on vacation".  Their answer?  "No Problem, in fact, we'll have one of our surfers from Australia bring it over and teach you how to ride it on the surf".  Wow.  A dream come true. 

So, I wired the money to a bank in Dubai and held a little back as incentive to actually show up (this thing is NOT cheap).  Sure enough, Ben sent me his itinerary and eventually showed up in Kauai.  This board is so light weight (30 pounds) that he just checked it in the belly of the plane and brought it with him.  We spent the better part of the trip riding this Jet Surf board in the streams and ocean of Hawaii.  Grant (and I) are hooked!

Here is a GoPro video of Grant riding it the first day in the Wailau River of Kauai

I warn you, this thing is BadApples!

(note, you will have to wait 5 seconds for the commercial at the beginning as Grant wanted to monitize his video!.  Oh, and yes, we are uploading this to the GoPro YouTube site).